Survey of people who quit drinking
Quit Alcohol Survey

The Be Sober 2020 Survey – The impact of quitting alcohol

The results of the 2020 Be Sober survey are in. We asked our readers to share their experiences of quitting alcohol so we could find out more about how they managed to cut booze out of their lives and what the benefits have been in terms of their health, wellbeing and outlook on life.

My hope had been to get 100 people to complete the survey to get a good overall picture of the experience of quitting alcohol. However, over 500 people completed the survey in just over a week, a massive thank you to everyone who contributed!

The majority of people who responded were members of my Be Sober Facebook group, but participants also took part from other quit alcohol groups. Participants are made up of men and women from all over the world, with the highest majorities living in the United States, United Kingdom, Australia and Canada.

Below is the data from the survey responses and directly below the data are anonymous comments from people who completed the survey. There were hundreds of comments, so I have included a varied mix along with the most relevant, interesting and inspirational. I actually felt rather emotional as I read so many amazing and life-changing stories.

So without further ado, below are the results along with a short narrative alongside each of the survey results.

Scrol down for the survey results.

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Question 1 – What is the longest period you have quit drinking for?

Sober Survey

552 people responded to this question.

It was great to see so many people who responded had succeeded with extended periods of time without drinking and I was amazed to see that 56% were periods of over 3 months.

Question 2 – Are you sober now?

How many people are sober now on average

553 people responded to this question.

I have often wondered what percentage of my group (which has around 10,000 members currently) are actually sober. Probably because it would give me an idea as to whether all the hard work, support and information is actually working and helping people to make a lasting change. From seeing the results to this question the answer is a resounding yes.

I was taken back when I saw that almost 80% of people who responded to this question were currently living an alcohol-free life.

Question 3 – During the longest period alcohol-free did you see an improvement to your sleep? Please score out of 10, 0 – no improvement, 10 – The highest level of improvement.

About the data below – Participants were asked to provide a score from 0 to 10 for several questions. A score of zero meaning they had seen no improvement whatsoever (in other words, things had stayed exactly the same as they were when drinking) and a score of 10 being the biggest possible improvement. The large score in the blue bar graph is the total combined score of everyone who answered, the score is then averaged, the average score equates to a total percentage improvement.

Statistics and Data on Sobriety

553 people responded to this question.

The first question related to sleep improvements. Something that I had seen improve significantly myself after I quit drinking.

But I wasn’t expecting an overall improvement of 72% across the 553 people who completed the survey.

This is an incredible improvement and provides concrete evidence that quitting alcohol has an enormous difference on the quality of our sleep. Just imagine being able to improve your quality of sleep by 72%!

Improved sleep leads to us feeling more motivated, energised and productive during the day, so this level of improvement was so amazing to see.

You can read more about why quitting drinking improves our sleep here.

Question 4 – During the longest period alcohol-free did you see an improvement to your productivity? Work, exercise, motivation to do things.

Statistics about quitting alcohol

553 people responded to this question.

Showing an incredible 76.9% improvement after quitting drinking, motivation and productivity was one of the biggest changes people who completed the survey had noticed.

I had the same experience when I quit. When I was drinking I felt like I was just about functioning through each day. But without alcohol in my life I found a new level of energy and felt a real hunger to do things with all the extra time, money and drive I had.

So the simple fact is, if you want to increase motivation and productivity by over 76% – quit drinking.

Maybe businesses and employers should start taking notice of this data. If you want the most productive and motivated staff, they appear to be the ones who live an alcohol-free lifestyle.

Question 5 – During your longest period alcohol-free did you notice improvements to your skin?

The facts about alcohol and skin

552 people responded to this question.

People tell me all the time how they have noticed a change to their skin. They often receive comments or compliments about how their skin looks ‘glowing’ or how they suddenly look 10 years younger, how good does that feel!

If you want to know why quitting drinking improves the skin, read this article.

The survey data showed that people had on average experienced a 66.4% improvement in their skin after they had cut out alcohol.

So instead of paying hundreds of pounds for botox and expensive skin products, the answer is to cut alcohol out of your life.

Question 6 – During your longest time alcohol-free did you experience any weight loss?

How much weight do you lose when you quit drinking alcohol

553 people responded to this question.

We know alcohol contains a lot of sugar and is also loaded with stacks of empty calories. Some alcoholic drinks are worse than others, with beer, lager and alcopops among the most likely to cause weight gain in drinkers.

However, when it comes to weight loss, quitting drinking is only one part of the picture. I believe we also need to ensure we have a sensible diet alongside a regular exercise routine if we want to keep the extra pounds away from the waistline.

It didn’t surprise me that weight loss was one of the lower scoring areas of improvement. However, the survey still showed a massive 43.5% weight loss improvement across the 553 people who answered this question.

Imagine a diet pill you could buy that delivers a 43.5% improvement on average, I think it would be sold out in a matter of minutes!

Read this article for more about alcohol and losing weight.

Question 7 – During your longest period alcohol-free did you notice positive changes to your mental health? Such as anxiety, stress, happiness levels and depression.

Does quitting alcohol improve mental health

552 people responded to this question.

So here it is! The biggest improvement of all is mental health. Of the 552 people who completed the survey the average improvement to mental health was a whopping 77.6%!

As well as seeing my own anxiety fade away to almost nothing I have spoken to countless people who have managed to eliminate stress, depression, unhappiness and worry all through quitting alcohol.

Yet it still seems that the medical profession are failing to catch up with most GPs preferring to prescribe anti-depressants and other medication rather than explore a patients drinking behaviour more deeply.

So here is the proof, if you want to see an improvement of over 77% in your mental health – stop searching for the key to happiness and quit drinking.

Read this post I wrote around three months after I quit drinking about the 12 biggest changes I had noticed.

Question 8 – What tools did you use to help you quit drinking? Select as many as applicable.

Best tools for quitting drinking - data, survey and statistics

534 people responded to this question.

Having the right tools around when you quit drinking can make the whole experience so much easier. Believe it or not, but they can actually make it fun and allow you to connect with new people, make friends and feel part of something very exciting (it’s called the sober revolution).

So we asked participants in the survey to share which tools had worked for them, they were allowed to choose as many as they wished.

Sober books was the tool that most people had used, you can see a list of the best quit alcohol books here. This was followed closely by sober Facebook communities, read about why Facebook groups are so awesome here.

I regret not including Podcasts in the options, as many people mentioned to me how much of a help they were too.

The fact is that there are so many incredible tools available to people who want to change their relationship with alcohol that there is something for just about everyone. You don’t have to look far to find what might work and you can even get support and connect with other people on the same journey from the comfort of your laptop or smartphone.

Question 9 – During your longest period alcohol-free have you experienced an improvement with the people closest to you? Close friends, family, loved ones.

Alcohol and improved relationships - survey statistics and results

560 people responded to this question.

The survey asked people to measure how much their relationships with the people closest to them had improved, for example family, friends and work colleagues.

The results showed an average improvement in relationships of 68.2%, just imagine if your relationships could improve by that much, wouldn’t it be wonderful. Yet the data has proven this is exactly what happens when alcohol is removed from the equation.

I hear stories about improved relationships all the time. I have seen parents who have reconnected with their children after years of feeling distant, where couples have found a new love after drifting apart and even my own personal story of reconnecting with my Dad after six years of not having contact following a petty argument. This is all due to the role alcohol has had to play in the relationships and the reward is priceless.


I was blown away by the results from the survey. I have personally experienced so many wonderful changes after quitting drinking but I wasn’t expecting such a conclusive and comprehensive set of results that clearly demonstrate how much quitting drinking improves people’s lives.

So many of the areas where huge improvements have been seen, for example mental health, are problems that some people spend a lifetime trying to resolve, often without success. All the while continuing to drink and not realising that this is what is causing the problem in the first place.

I hope that the survey will help anyone who is worried about their relationship with alcohol understand that quitting drinking is about what you gain, not what you give up. This is backed up clearly by the data from the survey and the incredibly powerful comments directly below.

The data also makes me feel like all the work I (and others) do in running the Be Sober group, coaching, writing, public speaking and presenting videos on YouTube is very much worthwhile. The same can be said for Heather and Katya who help run the Be Sober group and all the other members who participate, help others, provide support and make it one of the best sober communities in the world.

Feedback from participants – This is probably the best bit! If you still need convincing that life is better without alcohol, read on…

The survey gave participants the opportunity to anonymously provide any comments they wanted to share, I have selected the best of these below (there were literally hundreds to choose from, if I get time and interest I will publish them all, promise).

“I love the feeling of EMPOWERMENT. I think if I hadn’t read/heard that you could literally flip the script on alcohol — that you have the power to say no to something that is hurting you, that is not giving you the benefits that have been made up by the marketing industry, that YOU can be the one leading the way against something harmful to society … that it is not your fault because alcohol is an addictive, toxic substance and you do not need to feel SHAME — it feels good, it feels exciting, it gives my life even more purpose. This change in mindset is what is helping me not crave booze. And living without craving booze is pretty damn great. So many more hours in the day!!! So many possibilities! So, I would say that one of the biggest benefits to an alcohol-free lifestyle is FREEDOM and EMPOWERMENT. Yay!! Thank you!!”

“I am shocked at how clear headed, positive and energetic I am. Alcohol had overtaken my life and stolen my personality – all the things that I loved doing. I lost 14kg, am fit, focused and motivated. I am simply the best possible version of me right now – I know, I can feel it – from within. People look at me as if I’ve swallowed a magic pill that they want to race out and buy. They comment on how happy I am / look. I glow – from within. I am soo proud of the new me. My self love, care and esteem had never even existed and now they are sky rocketing – I know I will get even stronger. I am a new me – and I love me ! Wow !! xx Have also given up sugar which has taken me even further down the life long journey of self actualisation – I can now see and smell it …. powerful, heady stuff. I could never go back – ever. It’s just not worth it.”

“It has been awakening to realise that all of the problems I was experiencing with as anxiety and depression were as a result of the drink I was consuming to ease the symptoms. I never thought I could ever be a non drinker but since completing the 30 day experiment and experiencing how good life is without alcohol, I now love my new AF life style where I am totally on control.of decisions and have not regretted one moment of it. I look better, feel better and most importantly- I’m enjoying living again.”

“Thank you, Thank you, Thank you! I never could’ve imagined I would feel so amazing from abstaining from alcohol. I’ve been a heavy drinker for over 20 years. I fell into a routine of drinking daily to the point of not remembering the night before. I joined the alcohol experiment November 1st and I’m grateful every single day for the opportunity to actually feel life. I feel amazing and I will be forever grateful to Annie, Simon and the entire This Naked Mind community.”

“Alcohol is so tied to anxiety for me. Everything about alcohol–its allure, its promises, its initial endorphin boost–were really anxiety prompts in disguise. Society underestimates how frighteningly addictive it is on emotional, psychological, spiritual, physiological levels because of its own deeply embedded anxieties and associated profiteering. What is extraordinary is that we don’t consider “not drinking at all” the norm. Those of us who choose to avoid the substance are “rebels,” which is exactly the opposite of what it should be. The daring, the risk taking, the going out on a limb that we feel simply facing the present moment sober is what people who pick up a drink should feel–that they’re taking risks, they’re going out on a limb, they’re rebelling against their health and well-being and reducing the chance to really do what it is they’re here to do in this life.”

“Quitting drinking has been the best thing for me. I feel so much better and I am sleeping properly for the first time in many years. My skin is so much better and my body doesn’t feel that it is on fire anymore. I am less anxious and definitely more calm. I am 240 days and a year is my next goal. I love going to bed sober and waking with a clear head and great sleep. I have learnt so much about how alcohol works in your body and it is pure poison. You will never regret giving an alcohol free lifestyle a go!!!!”

“I had set off a few months ago with a goal of gaining more information and to work towards better moderation, defined at the beginning as no more than 4 in a day and 14 in a week, and after November and January LAE’s as >90% AF days. Through this process I have since determined that moderation under either definition is too much work for me, so moving to 100% AF as a next step, at least for a while. Thinking of it as a process has been helpful, as has thinking about what the terms “moderation” and “sober” mean to me. I can’t see adopting “I am sober” as part of my identity, where I can see “I don’t drink right now” as something I can easily say to myself and others. Around here (Northeastern USA) “sober” is often used in a way that makes it seem a far end of a pendulum swing instead of a moderate and normalized choice about not letting alcohol affect you. Because of the opioid crisis it is now often used in relation to getting off heroin and other opiates, not just alcohol. That being said I love Simon’s “Sober Warrior” approach and he pulls it off without sounding preachy at all (and obviously it is opening a lot of doors). I don’t suggest moving away from “sober,” but it isn’t necessarily as inclusive as Simon himself is in presentation and dialogue so the mix of “sober” and “alcohol-free lifestyle” as you have done it here is really helpful. One of Simon’s most powerful presentation aspects is that what comes through so strongly is a genuine desire to help others live their best lives as they wish.”

“Being alcohol free is a gift I’ve given myself and my family. It erased my anxiety and has improved my overall outlook. I couldn’t have done it without quit lit, online resources and podcasts. These powerful tools reinforce everything In learning about sobriety. It’s been wonderful and will only get better.”

“I feel like I was just totally sucked into the marketing campaigns that drinking was fun, safe, earned, and a great part of life. I have learned it’s absolutely none of those. Sober life is fun, safe, earned, and has brought joy back into my days. I hope everyone alive figures this out. It’s like having keys to a secret I wish I could share.”

“FACT: I am much better off without alcohol in my life! 🙂 Thank you Simon, for all you do to help this movement.”

“I’ve lost 11 lbs since January 1st after a two year struggle. I joined Annie Grace’s Live Alcohol Experiment to start the road to being alcohol free. The combination of the videos, journaling, quit lit books and the Facebook group have helped the most. I have the energy now to workout and cook healthy meals. I no longer wake up at 3:30 am in a panic or at 5 am dreading the day ahead. Now I purposely get up an hour earlier to read, workout or watch videos. My mood and mental health has improved drastically since stopping alcohol. My goal is one year alcohol free. Excited and happy about the changes I’ve made so far. I feel incredible after two months, I can’t wait to see how I feel after a year free from the poison!”

“150 days sober. Down over ten pounds, ldl cholesterol down 50 points, triglycerides down 50 points, blood pressure back in normal range. Feeling happy.”

“I’ve just completed my first week sober. I have never tried stop before other than dry January a few times which I always failed within a week and secretly drank for the rest of the month! A week in and I’m sleeping better, my anxiety has reduced, I’m happier, my skin looks better and I’ve lost 6lb! Win-win.”

“My husband decided to quit alcohol to support me and found so many positive aspects of his life because of his decision. We are both 8 months sober and going strong.”

“Quitting drinking has been the most surprising experience of my life. I was absolutely dreading it. I thought I would only be sad about it forever. I did not realize what I would be gaining instead. It’s truly been the shock of my life.”

“In my opinion, education was the number one factor for me. Learning about alcohol, what it contains, how it impacts our bodies, minds, emotions, etc. was the thing that changed my life. Understanding how alcohol rewires the brain, and how to get my life back was the key to living a sober life. Along with that were the other tools: other experiences and stories, FB groups and supports. The number one resource for me was Annie Grace’s The Naked Mind. I love being sober. Today I am 307 days AF. Almost one year. I am never looking back.”

“Stopping alcohol is the big domino. It has positively impacted every area of my life. The only downside has been weight gain, but that will come in time. The positives greatly outweigh that one negative.”

“Quitting alcohol has been one of the greatest gifts I’ve ever given to myself and my family. Some things that helped me quit are; my strong faith in God, believing I could quit, and finally making a very firm decision to quit. Thank you for all you do Simon!”

“Alcohol Free living is a lifestyle change I have come to realise and unfortunately we never escape from the world of booze in anyway shape or form. I am sober but I do indeed have drinks now and again, I wouldn’t say I slip into old habits like what I did but I have a tendency and urge to always dip my toes in, one day I hope that it just clicks and I don’t bother no more at all but I really like where I am at right now and enjoy the benefits of being who I am today. I love not being hungover, lazy, lethargic and lacking any form of life that is the biggest bonus for me and making the most of my days and my productivity.”

“Quitting drinking 4 years ago transformed my life from depressed to unlimited hope. But quitting drinking hasn’t actually been the differentiating factor. It was the factor that has made all the subsequent changes in my life possible. I have been highly active in multiple AF forums over the past couple of years. And a belief that I see frequently which puts people at risk of failing to remain AF is the idea that quitting drinking will, by itself, change your life. Quitting drinking provides enormous physical benefit. And opens up the mental, emotional, and spiritual bandwidth to make the choices that lead to a fulfilled existence. For me, those choices weren’t even apparent when I was still drinking every day. I was just stuck and couldn’t figure out why. I didn’t understand that alcohol was my limiting factor until I eliminated it out of sheer exhaustion. Life is good. (Now).”

“The best thing I have done for myself is to stop drinking and consistently go to therapy and to a lesser extent go to aa meetings. I had stopped drinking in the past for long periods of time but would start up drinking again a little but be drinking heavily again before too long. The difference for me in staying sober this time and not being able to see alcohol,in my life again is the therapy which has helped uncover and work through the reasons I drink and return to drinking. In the last ten years I have had a sober stretch of three years, another of one year , plenty of sober months here and there and currently I have nearly a year sober and have never felt better about how to do life. I think the willingness to do therapy has been the big difference this time. Alcoholics Anonymous was very helpful to begin with for support but I don’t think it suits me at this point to keep going to their meetings regularly. There is a lot of wisdom and support within the rooms of AA but there is also a lot of shaming and questionable outdated ideas on addiction and psychology. By not drinking my health mental and physical is undoubtedly so much better than I was drinking as are my relationships and work life. I couldn’t ask to be in a better place right now than having gone completely sober and gotten therapy years ago . I’m not sure if it could have been any different though as I wasn’t ready or not ready to accept what I needed to get well . Life didn’t get better by not drinking . I got better .”

“Right now is the longest I have ever been sober since I started drinking. I am finding I have more energy, I sleep well, I am more excited about life, I get more things done, and I am just happier in general. I still have cravings, but being sober is the best thing that has ever happened to me. I appreciate myself and others more, as well.”

“I have been sober for almost two months now, i am an active mum of three very busy children/teenagers and i work as well as run a family farm. I have been getting amazing results from not drinking when it comes to my exercise programme at the gym and actually getting out of bed to do it. My eating has improved 100% i am not as cranky with my children and i am actually taking a lot more care of my skin and body. I lost weight within 3 weeks of not drinking but am now concentrating on muscle gain. My digestion has improved dramatically , i honestly thought i had ibs but not anymore i actually had red wine ibs. i have started reading books again which i used to love and most importantly i feel i am making a positive change in my children’s lives as they are not seeing me drink every night… how boring and gross!!! Hoping it will provide them with a lifestyle choice that is beneficial to them not negative and unhealthy. I love them too much.”

“There are countless benefits in going alcohol free. The main one is the strengthening of connection to other humans.”

“Whilst my family is happy with my sobriety I have lost a few friends who don’t think I’m fun anymore. Their loss in my opinion. Love waking up everyday knowing I’m sober and not hungover.”

“There is no doubt that giving up alcohol and living an AF lifestyle will improve just about everything you do, everything you feel. your mental health will improve 95% – leaving the 5% to typical life’s challenges. nothing compares in my life personally to what i experience now on a daily basis. i used to live in a hole, hungover and tired everyday until i had that drink at 4:00. it sucked the life out of me …. i was functioning . hiding behind my functioning life while raising my children, fooling my friends and family. but, i was living a miserable existence. so unhappy, tired and depressed everyday. without alcohol now in my life, i’m strong, calm, energetic, in great shape, look 20 years younger. happy. so happy. i appreciate life so much more.”

“I’ve not had a drink for 88 days. My skin (face) is less bloated and has more colour/brightness to it. I sleep soundly for long periods (to the point where my feet ache from being in the same sleeping position for a length of time!). Mentally I feel amazing, like I’m out of a haze. My personality has changed, I’m less impatient, have time to listen to people & I’m remembering more. I don’t find people irritating like I used to & I’m far more positive. I wish I’d stopped ages ago. I was concerned I’d find it hard, and that I’d be boring without having a drink but I’ve found it to be the opposite. Only downside currently is I feel exhausted but hopefully once the evenings get lighter I’ll get out and try some jogging to boost my energy levels. Just so grateful to have heard Simon’s radio interview, it started me thinking.”

“Quitting drink doesn’t solve ALL the life issues (which is a bit of a rude awakening), but it does mean that I’m now totally available to do that work whereas when I was drinking, the post-excessive-drinking next day was just about recovering. That’s all I could manage. My drinking life was settling for small, for just getting through the day. Alcohol-free life is whatever I choose to make it.”

“I drank to help with stress – I was always stressed – so I always drank! When I stopped drinking after the first 2 weeks I found after the initial wanting to punch a wall stage, I was so much calmer when dealing with situations. Everyone noticed! My work colleagues, my husband – there were no more unnecessary arguments – Things were so much more chilled. My son was so proud of me, and what’s more, I was proud of myself. Although each day was tough, every morning waking up sober felt like a gift I’d worked hard to earn and I loved it.”

“As we know giving up alcohol can seem almost impossible at times. In my various varied experiences, having relapsed so many times, the benefits of being sober is so worth trying for. Everything improves in your life. From family relationships, work, mental health, anxiety, depression, productivity and just better all round on a day to day basis. Yes some days are going to be difficult, we will be tired, stressed, emotional, anxious but that’s just life. Having a drink won’t help it will only make it worse.”

“Having now been sober for almost 2 years, l cannot over-emphasise the huge benefits on EVERY area of your life once you give up drinking. It has been so life changing for me that l have applied to be accepted for a second degree, this time in addiction counselling. Wish me luck!”

“When I am not drinking I feel so much more at peace. Less anxiety, closer relationships, better sleep, more confident. As soon as I start drinking that goes away. It is a very insidious drug.”

“I stopped drinking alcohol almost two years ago. I now have a new life. I have not felt so good, empowered, strong, capable and most of all happy since I was a child. I will never drink alcohol again. What I have learned in the past two years of how alcohol damages both mind and body I am shocked that anyone drinks the stuff.”

“Just to say thank you,for bringing me to a sober way of thinking. Have felt so much more calm, things I’ve been putting off for ages I’ve got them done it and more to go!”

“Many of my relationships have changed, but the ones that really mattered became even closer. I am much more in touch with my feelings, and I fully feel them now rather than drowning them. A big benefit too: I put all the money I used to spend on alcohol into savings and I have a nice nest egg that I plan to spend on a long awaited trip.”

“Being honest with yourself. Taking it a day at a time or even an hour at a time. Reach out for help when you need it. It’s ok not to be ok. Understanding everyone is on the same path but may of taken a different route. just because one way didn’t work for you doesn’t mean it might not work for another. Be respectable to one another. Enjoy your new found sobriety 😊”

“There are many varied tools I have used to stop drinking alcohol. Making myself accountable to a trusted friend was really important for me initially then as time went on finding like minded friends in social media Facebook groups was paramount to my sobriety as was reading / Listening to quit literature on audio, watching videos , success stories etc My family especially my older children were very supportive too, I kept away from public bars , the alcohol isle in shops, out of sight out of mind. After 17 months and heading to my first year and a half I feel very proud happy and calm about my alcohol free future. Best decision I have in a very long time. Every aspect of my life has improved and more.”

“My life is 1000% times better sober.”

“I have lost weight and feel far happier then I have in years I’m 2 and a half years sober.”

“The best thing about being sober is never having to worry about getting a DUI and knowing that I’m available to help family at any time. No more “I can’t because I’ve been drinking”. Also being in control of myself when I go out to concerts or other activities and not worry the next day about whether I made a fool of myself or having to apologize for bad behaviour.”

“Feel 100% better, no shaking, no feeling sick and dizzy, don’t have horrible taste in my mouth in the mornings, able to stay awake longer and be more present in the evenings. Taking up more hobbies such as knitting, reading etc…”

“I can truly say it has been the best decision I have ever made, after 50yrs destroying my body with alcohol, I now have a good night’s sleep and my anxiety has completely improved, best decision ever made, Sober 17 months.”

“Understanding the neuro physiology was key to my success. I found your Facebook group, and then found this naked mind book plus your book The Sober Survival Guide invaluable. I then did the alcohol experiment in January. The daily videos and journaling made me really think about the part alcohol played in my life. For me, after several failed attempts…. I don’t want to risk trying a glass of wine…. even as an experiment. I have great alcohol free alternatives. I use my wine glass and pour fake bubbles in it. I drink that as much as I used to drink regular wine. I think it is in the ritual… that feeling of down time. I am spreading the word and I genuinely feel that people feel trapped… not knowing where to get help and support with no stigma. I actually feel so much more confident. If I can chuck alcohol…. I can do anything!! Go me!! And thank you, because if I hadn’t found you…. I would not be here xx”

“I love not waking up with that fuzzy head and pounding heart!”

“I went from a very heavy drinker, too stopping. It has now been 2.5 years, and I am loving life. I am working on building up parts of my life that fell apart during my drinking days, and that will come with time. My overall life, work, and general well-being have never been better.”

“People kept asking what I was doing because there were so many changes in my face. One person said – my goodness you look 10 years younger”

“I truly believe my depression was because of alcohol as was my high blood pressure. Both are no longer there. I’m also finding who I really am. I have dreams again.”

“Thanks so much for helping to start the Sober Revolution Simon. I am happy to maintain a 97% AF life style.”

“The most surprising benefit I have noticed is time. Now that I’m not in a rush for my next drink or hungover I feel each day has opened up for me.”

“Hope is such a helpful tool – to hope and imagine a better life alcohol free.”

“I never realised that my high levels of anxiety, depression and ongoing battles with insomnia were as a result of alcohol consumption. Cutting alcohol out of my life makes a massive difference to the quality of my life, anxiety and depression are virtually non existent and my relationships improved although the social aspect of my life decreases.”

“Huge improvement in my life in all facets! Online support was critical as I am not a public meeting support type and live rurally and remote.”

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