12 Benefits of Stopping Drinking Alcohol
The Sober Journey

The 12 Biggest Benefits of Stopping Drinking

I was looking back over my journal, on day 1 I listed all the reasons for stopping drinking and later in the journey I listed all the amazing benefits. So many of them were unexpected, I have listed my top 12 benefits of stopping drinking below:

  1. Way less anxiety – I have suffered from heightened anxiety for years and tried quite a few things to keep a lid on it. Stopping drinking has made the dark clouds vanish and my anxiety is the lowest it has ever been. Who would have known!
  2. Better relations with my family – When I was drinking I was pre-occupied with how long it was until wine o’clock and found myself snapping at my son and being generally unreasonable. This has changed now, I have so much more time for him, I am no longer preoccupied and find myself enjoying my time with him like never before.
  3. Improved skin – I can see a huge difference in my skin, it has a new glow and when I look back at photos from day 1 the difference is huge.
  4. Improved eyes – My eyes look alive and bright now, in the older images they are dark and tired, I reckon this has taken a few years off me!
  5. Health – This is obvious but drinking the best part of 100 units a week isn’t good for you.
  6. Tongue – It isn’t purple in the mornings any longer, all that red wine used to stain it (urgh) and I bet my breath stank.
  7. Drink Driving – I often wonder if I was ever over the drink drive limit on the morning school run, I don’t need to worry about this now.
  8. Money – I was spending at least £10 a day on wine, £3500 a year (minimum), that will pay for a nice holiday.
  9. Other hobbies – Not drinking has allowed me the time and motivation to pursue other hobbies, I am back into my running training like never before and also enjoying writing for my blog and engaging with the Be Sober community.
  10. Energy – I can’t remember having as much energy, motivation and hunger for life as I have now, this has only happened from stopping drinking.
  11. Hangovers and Shaking – I had become used to a fuzzy head in the mornings and also often had shaky hands, this has become a thing of the past and waking up with a clear head is fantastic.
  12. Sleeping – It takes a while to start sleeping normally, but now I do and it really is amazing, I have beautiful deep sleep and wake up feeling refreshed. My head is no longer like a washing machine spinning with worry.


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