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My favourite alcohol free drinks – Which Alcohol Free Drinks Are Best?

When you quit drinking it is worth having a new ‘go to’ drink that you can fall back on, obviously one without alcohol.

Thankfully we now have plenty of choice and a fun part of the alcohol free journey is trying them out and discovering new tastes and flavours, especially as you will probably have a heightened sense of taste from quitting drinking.

Many alcohol free drinks have an ‘adult’ feel to them, unlike a regular soft drink and they can be the perfect replacement for that evening glass bottle of red wine.

I have tried loads of different alcohol free drinks and below are my current favourites, I would love to hear what everyone else enjoys drinking:

  1. GinSin – This is my current favourite, it tastes like gin and I mix it with slmiline tonic water with a splash of cranberry juice and lime.

Gin Sin Alcohol Free

2. Becks Blue – It is difficult to tell the taste of Becks Blue from real beer, some alcohol experts warn against alcohol free beers as there is a danger that they may lead to craving the real thing, but for me these have been a saviour and come highly recommended.

3. Jeffries Tonic – This is a lovely adult non-alcoholic drink, I mix it with coke and add a slice of lime and it tastes similar to rum and coke, without all the nasty side effects.

4. Brewdog Nanny State – This is a lovely tasting ale with an alcohol content of less than 0.5%, if I want a beer I will usually reach for Becks Blue, but this one is great if you prefer an ale or a more hoppy flavour.

5. Seedlip Spice – Seedip is best described as a gin replacement and I suggest drinking it with tonic water, although there are many different ways to mix it, I don’t think it is as good as GinSin and it is also a very expensive alcohol free drink option, however, it is well worth a try and maybe one to keep for special occasions.


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