Simon Chapple Speaking at This Naked Mind Live 2019

Above – Speaking at This Naked Mind Live

My name is Simon Chapple, at 44 years old I decided enough was enough and quit the booze forever, red wine was always my drink of choice, in quantities of ‘as much as possible’.

I had spent over 20 years drinking red wine every night, usually a bottle or more every evening. All at the same time as running a business, bringing up my Son and embarking on my hobby as a slightly above average marathon runner. I was a functioning alcoholic enthusiastic drinker trudging my way through each and every day. Was I happy? Not really.

I have completed 15 marathons so far, every single one of them that I ran before I quit involved me drinking the night before to ‘calm my nerves’ and drinking after to celebrate my success.

Simon Chapple - Be Sober Facebook Sober Group

Above – Me running a recent marathon – one of the few I have done without a bottle of wine the night before!

Watch my video below – How to Quit Alcohol – 10 Tips for Success

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Alcohol had a really tight grip on me and giving up was one of the hardest, yet most rewarding things I have ever done. Before I got sober the thought of even one day without drinking literally filled me with dread. But I did it and if I can live an alcohol-free life, believe me, so can you!

And guess what – it actually wasn’t as hard as I thought it was going to be.

The benefits of quitting alcohol have been enormous, everything from better skin, improved relationships and health through to incredible changes in my levels of happiness, freedom from anxiety and of course, no more hangovers!

I started blogging my experiences almost from day 1 to share them with other people who are questioning their own relationship with alcohol and also started my own Be Sober Facebook group, which is now one of the fastest growing and most active sober groups on the internet, you are welcome to join (details below).

I have discovered that millions of people are drinking far too much and don’t know how to get out of the alcohol trap.

I have since gone on to work as an alcohol coach and joined the team at This Naked Mind (what do you mean you haven’t read the book???) and recently talked on stage at This Naked Mind Live in Denver. I have also spoken on TV and radio about the benefits of an alcohol-free life – who would have thought that would ever have happened.

I have also just released my book – The Sober Survival Guide – which I wrote to share my experiences with anyone who is questioning how alcohol features in their life. It is full of tactics and strategies to enable readers to find freedom from alcohol along with happiness and peace in their lives.

Quit Alcohol Books

New Book – The Sober Survival Guide

Worried about your drinking like I was? That can be the hardest point in the journey, when you are aware there is a problem but don’t know how to fix it, well now you know there is an answer and you have a wealth of tools and support at your fingertips.

Join Be Sober (it’s totally free) and become part of a unique and supportive community of people looking to quit drinking and enjoy a wonderful new sober life. You can join the Be Sober group on Facebook here:

The Facebook group is ‘closed’ which means none of your friends can see that you have joined or anything you post within the group, only other members can see your activity.

The group aims to be a caring, supportive group who look out for each other and provide advice, tips and help on everything related to the sober journey.

I update this blog a couple of times a month and there are loads of older posts from the early weeks and months that I hope will serve to help and answer common questions.

If you want to get in touch by email you can send your message to:


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