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Quitting Alcohol & Weight Loss

I get asked a lot about quitting alcohol and weight loss, it is a hot topic and one that I wanted to share my own experiences of.

Most people don’t quit alcohol just to lose weight, there is usually much more to it. For me I was sick and tired of drinking wine every night and feeling that alcohol was in charge, I knew it was time to make a change, losing weight had nothing to do with my decision.

As I started to dip my toe into the waters of the sober-world I started to read about the huge range of benefits that came with quitting drinking, of course weight loss was one of them. I also added up how many empty liquid calories I was consuming a week, which was scary! We have all seen those guys with enormous beer-bellies, it’s no surprise when you look at the numbers in the drinks.

Now, I am a bit of a health-freak, I go to the gym most days and keep myself in good shape, losing weight really wasn’t something I was too bothered about. At the time I quit drinking I was carrying a few extra pounds, but nothing that really concerned me.

Quitting alcohol is a big life-decision, it is something that will change you in so many positive ways. Personally I don’t think weight loss should be the main driver behind a decision to quit, there are so many other amazing and incredible benefits, however, it cannot be ignored.

I have spoken to hundreds of people who have quit drinking and almost everyone loses weight, but it takes time and it isn’t a straight downwards line when you stand on the scales. Please read this paragraph twice, it is important to remember this so you don’t lose heart after a month of not drinking and maybe find yourself slightly heavier.

For me I noticed that I toned up a lot more, but no weight dropped off until around 4-6 months, it really did take time for my body to adjust. I have found the same story from most people I speak to.

Another added element is that a lot of people turn to sugary snacks and drinks to replace the booze, which can keep your weight the same or even add a few pounds on in short term.

The simple fact is this – yes, you will lose weight if you cut alcohol out of your life, but be prepared for a possible short term weight gain followed by a noticeable difference after 4-6 months.

So stick with it, don’t lose heart. There is so much more to gain than weight loss, but losing weight is another great bonus from the gift of sobriety.

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