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Alcohol Coaching, The Sober Journey

I wasn’t expecting that!

I have spoken before about the ‘Big Domino’ and how when you push it over so many other amazing and unexpected things happen.

It really is so true! When we quit drinking we have our own reasons for making the decision. Usually health, relationships, regretful behaviour or the pain of addiction, we don’t think about what else might open up by cutting the poison out of our lives.

But here’s the thing…almost everyone I know who has quit (and I know a lot of people who have quit) has been given so much more, so many unexpected gifts after they have given up.

If we had a crystal ball and the ability to see the future then quitting would be easy, but we don’t have this so we are unsure whether life on the other side will be better or not.

You have to believe, the grass really is greener on the other the side, the sun shines brighter and the smiles are real.

For me I have been blessed with the amazing Be Sober Facebook group which has grown from a handful of members to over 2000 sober-warriors on a journey to sobriety.

I have also been fortunate enough to become a Certified Alcohol Coach working with Annie Grace and the team at This Naked Mind.

Only yesterday I was lucky enough to be coaching live with Scott Pinyard (Head Coach at This Naked Mind) in one of their awesome Facebook Groups, who would have thought that would ever happen.

Then there is the anxiety, the bad moods, the bad skin, the hangovers, the poor sleep. The list is endless but it is all so much better.

It makes me want to pinch myself and question if it is actually real! I have gone from an anxiety ridden wine addict to a place where I am at peace in my life, truly happy and able to share my experiences and journey with amazing and wonderful people, hopefully helping them become stronger so they can go on and inspire others.

I am a massive believer that sobriety is infectious, so many of my friends and people I know have opened up to me about their own relationship with alcohol since I quit and I have seen plenty of them reduce or stop drinking altogether.

Once you ‘catch’ it you discover life is actually better and anyone who quits drinking will be viewed as a bit of a superhero by people who will wonder how you managed to do it and can see your life has improved, then they want a piece of the action.

I love sharing and talking about sobriety because once you do, you become accountable and you really do help other people, often without even knowing it.

For me, sobriety isn’t ‘about me’ any longer, it is about ‘us’, all the big drinkers and all the people who want to change. We can all help each other just by sharing, talking and connecting.

If you are considering quitting alcohol, trust me and try it. Even if you initially just commit to a 30 day break, I almost guarantee that by the end you won’t look back and you will see such a huge difference that you will realise life is just so much better alcohol free.

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