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Sober Bucket Lists

This week saw me hit 6 months sober, I honestly never thought I could have changed my life and stop drinking and I am starting to feel that I have found freedom from the tight grip alcohol had on me (however, my guard is always up!).

So I thought it was time to write a bucket list of things I want to do (or have done) sober:

  1. Sober holiday and flying without drinking – I have managed 3 of these – tick.
  2. Dance sober – done.
  3. Christmas party sober – done.
  4. Wedding sober – not yet, but got an invite to one yesterday.
  5. Go to a gig sober – done.
  6. Go to a music festival sober – Reading 2019 in August – watch this space.
  7. Go to a pub with friends for ‘drinks’ – still scared of this.
  8. Go to a nightclub sober – do I really want to do this?
  9. Have my old drinking friends round for ‘curry night’ – been avoiding this and dodging their requests for months.
  10. Get pulled over for a breath-test – when will this finally happen!!!
  11. Run a marathon without drinking the night before (or the evening of the race) – done.
  12. Help other people get sober – The Be Sober Facebook group does this, so I think that should be a tick.
  13. Christmas and New Years Eve sober – done.
  14. Tell a someone I have just met ‘I don’t drink’ and why – done.
  15. Open a bottle of red wine and pour someone a glass – not done yet.

Obviously I also want to do all the usual ‘sober or not’ bucket list things like bungee jump and stand on a bi-plane while it does barrel rolls, but I will stick to working on these for now.

What are your sober bucket list suggestions?


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