What to do when you start thinking about drinking
The Sober Journey

When you start thinking about drinking

I thought it would be good to have a Be Sober emergency plan, a mantra we can use if we ever think we are going to slip up. A bit like ‘in the event of a fire break glass’.

After a bit of thought I came up with PMSL (which also means Piss My Self Laughing) – so it’s easy to remember.

The mantra goes like this….when you think about having a drink…

P – Pause, stop what you are doing and take stock. Think about the consequences, play things forward and think about how it will end and how you will feel the next day.

M – Message, after pausing send a message or post in the group ASAP, be honest about how you feel.

S – Support, talk to people, read the replies, listen to what they are saying and take it on board. Try and still your mind and don’t get caught up in the thoughts about drinking, they will pass (they always do).

L – Leave, go for a walk, head to the shops, whatever you do leave the situation and change your environment. L – could also be ‘Lay Down’ and go to bed.

This is still a work in progress and I am open to suggestions to ensure we have the perfect sober-mantra to use when you start thinking about drinking.


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