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The Best Quit Alcohol Blogs & Sober Bloggers

When I quit alcohol I found so many awesome sober blogs that helped me learn so much about the journey ahead of me.

Sober blogs can be an essential piece of kit in your sober toolbox and I would urge anyone who is working on changing their relationship with alcohol to make sure they check in with their favourite blogs on a regular basis.

As well as allowing you to learn the best tactics and providing you with the tools you need to quit drinking, many blogs will help you find additional support and get access to groups where you can connect with people on the same jouney.

Below are the 10 best quit alcohol blogs and sober bloggers that you should be checking out as you explore the alcohol-free world.

Be Sober – Simon Chapple – Of course I am going to put my blog first! The Be Sober blog is regularly updated with new content and readers can access the incredible Facebook group which has thousands of members all helping each other in a caring and non-judgmental community.

This Naked Mind – Annie Grace – This blog is one of my favourites, Annie Grace is the author of the bestselling book This Naked Mind. Her blog shares readers real life stories and I also enjoy the great tactics and tools that Annie provides in her posts, the blog is updated several times a week with new content.

The Sober Senorita – Kelly Fitzgerald Junco – On Kelly’s site you’ll find stories of hope, love, and strength. She shares her awesome offerings, resources, and experiences in navigating the rocky, but beautiful road of sobriety.

Miracles are Brewing – Carly Benson – Carly has over 11 years of recovery under her belt from alcohol and cocaine. She has become a faithful believer in miracles and is a writer, speaker, yoga instructor and recovery coach who lives a mindfully alcohol-free lifestyle.

Love Sober – Mandy and Kate – Love Sober are passionate advocates of alcohol free living to support mental health and well-being. They work with women to help them feel empowered by their choice to stop drinking and start thriving in their busy lives. As well as the blog I recommend checking out their awesome podcasts.

Soberpunks – Jon Turner – Soberpunks describes itself as a sweary alcohol recovery blog written by a Yorkshireman and it is exactly that. Not for the faint hearted but certainly something unique and some laugh out loud blog posts that put an alternative spin on sobriety.

Healthy Discoveries – Jolene Park – Jolene is a functional nutritionist and the founder of Healthy Discoveries, she helps people develop a more complete view of well-being. She shares insights to help her blog readers how to add useful routines and easy habits into their day to increase focus, boost energy, and build emotional resiliency.

Hip Sobriety – Holly Whitaker – Holly provides resources, tools, education, roadmaps and inspiration that helped her navigate her own recovery. The blog is packed with free resources and readers can sign up for the weekly Hip Sobriety newsletter.

Laura McKeown Blog – Laura’s award winning blog is full of practical and inspirational posts to help readers navigate the world of sobriety. Laura also hosted the iTunes Top 100 Home Podcast and currently hosts Spiritualish, a show that provides an irreverant take on self-help.

Club Soda – Laura Willoughby MBE – Club Soda is the mindful drinking movement. Their blog is frequently updated and provides awesome tips on everything from sleep to sober sex. It also shares inspiring stories from people who have changed their drinking and their lives for the better.

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