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Are Alcohol-Free Beers & Wines OK?

Since I quit drinking alcohol I have enjoyed trying many different alcohol-free drinks, however one area that is a cause for some controversy among the sober community is alcohol-free beers and wines.

Some people love them, some people don’t go near them.

Personally, I enjoy a cold bottle of Becks Blue, but I wouldn’t go near a bottle of alcohol-free red wine. Having managed to quit a bottle (or more) a day red wine habit I think this would just be a little close to the real thing for comfort. Plus alcohol-free red wine tastes like rancid vinegar.

This is possibly one of the reasons why many people who had issues with their relationship with alcohol don’t want to drink alcohol-free beers and wines, they are just too close to the real thing and maybe they could have the potential to lead back to drinking alcohol.

Another issue is that some alcohol-free wines and beers have around 0.5% alcohol content (ABV), making some people feel that they are not maintaining their sobriety if they drink these.

I have it on good authority that there is the same (if not more alcohol) in a variety of day to day products, including fresh fruit peels, smoothies, mouthwash and a variety of other items and that 0.5% wouldn’t be classed as more than a trace of alcohol.

One of the reasons I like Becks Blue, other than the taste is that it promises it contains no more than 0.05% alcohol, which is hardly even a trace.

Alcohol-free wines and beers definitley have a place in the sober world, I find them very useful if I am at a pub or an event and my favourite restauarnt now stocks Heineken 0% so I always have a couple of bottles when I am out for a meal.

There is no way that drinking a few alcohol-free beers would then make me reach for a can of Stella, but we aren’t all the same and I can see how it may be an issue for some people. Exactly in the same way I wouldn’t go near alcohol-free red wine.

I guess it is a case of whatever works for you, some people prefer to stick to totally different alcohol-free drinks such as Seedlip, Ceders, fruit juice or a nice cup of tea and I totally understand that.

What alcohol-free drinks do you enjoy?

Do you drink alcohol-free beers and wines?




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  1. Heather says:

    I’m same was mainly wine drinker so when i stopped having Becks blue just took the edge off. Now 9 weeks in i keep them in the house (just incase) but hardly have any. Still not been to pub much but they usually stock at least one AF beer again that’s what I’d go for to start with i think.

  2. freeatlast says:

    I think most pubs cater for us non-drinkers now, as you say they are nice to have around and I think they have their place although they aren’t for everyone and I do understand why some people don’t want to touch alcohol-free wine, beer and cider. Simon.

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