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Three New Sober Milestones!

This has been quite a week in my little sober-world…

It has been one full of milestones, three of them to be precise.

First of all, the Be Sober private Facebook group is about to reach 600 members, which is quite frankly incredible. The group is simply amazing, we have members from all over the world who have created an incredible caring community that looks out for each other and provides support and help no matter where in the sober-journey people are at.

The growth of the group and feedback from members has also made me realise how many people want to change their relationship with alcohol and how valuable they find an online private support group.

If you haven’t joined the Be Sober group yet, you can follow the link at the bottom of this page.

The second big milestone was attending my first gig sober. I have been to loads of gigs over the years and I always sank as many pints of beer as I could manage, ended up dancing like a fool/Dad and would rarely remember much about the performance as I nursed my sore head the next day.

We went to see Mumford and Sons at the O2 Arena and ahead of the show I was wondering if sober-Simon was going to stand quietly at the back of the arena tapping my foot or would I get into the music and enjoy the show without drinking, it was going to be an interesting experience.

It didn’t take long to discover that I still danced like a fool even without a drink, that wasn’t the alcohol (who’d have thought?). It was because I was having a great time and hearing the songs I loved. I just got swept away in it all and enjoyed myself like nobody was watching, most people were drunk and I doubt anyone was watching me anyway. Even if they were I didn’t care.

I had a great night and I remembered everything about the brilliant show, I actually started to feel like I had missed out on the full experience of so many amazing gigs in the past from being plastered.

To top the night off we found ourselves dancing next to the three Beckham brothers, Brooklyn, Romeo and Cruz. I would never have recognised them if I had been drinking, another bonus.

Brooklyn Beckham at Mumford & Sons Gig O2 Arena London

Brooklyn Beckham Shouting in his friends ear at Mumford & Sons Gig in London

The final milestone is that I am running my 14th marathon in two days, I am writing this in Valencia ahead of the big race on Sunday.

This will be the first marathon where I haven’t drunk the night before (to calm my nerves) or sunk two bottles of wine the evening after the race (to celebrate), I am now officially a sober-runner.

I tell a lie, the first ever marathon I ran involved a night before where I didn’t drink (one of about only five sober nights in twenty-plus years of drinking). I had got myself in such a state about the monumental challenge I had taken on I decided I just wanted to go to bed early without drinking and get to the start line as quickly as possible the next morning, it was torture not having wine and every marathon-eve after this has included at least a glass of wine or more.

Collecting my number at the Valencia Marathon

At the Valencia Marathon finish line today after collecting my number before the big race

So this will be another first, training has gone well and I have seen an improvement in my speed and strength from not drinking. I would love to achieve a personal best as confirmation that sober-runners go faster, watch this space.

All three of these milestones were unexpected at the start of my sober-journey, all I wanted to do was quit drinking for a better life, stop having hangovers and a fear of dying before the age of 50. What a bonus, sober life keeps on giving me amazing surprises and reminding me why it is so worthwhile.

Stick with it.








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