My Break up letter to Red Wine
The Sober Journey

Dear Wine – a letter to say it’s over

Dear Red Wine (specifically Ms Shiraz)

I remember the first time we met, you swept me off my feet. Nobody had ever made me feel like this, I was wild, free and uninhibited with you.

Your beauty, power, smell and taste gave me confidence, wit and a whole new perception on things.

So after seeing each other every single night we got married, we were together for over twenty long years.

It started off as a happy marriage, we spent so much wonderful time together. But as the years went by I realised that our relationship was becoming toxic.

It became clear to me that all your magic was actually an illusion, you were starting to damage my mind, body and my soul.

But I couldn’t bear to let you go, especially after so long together and you had always been there for me when I needed you most.

Finally, I saw the light and realised that I couldn’t continue in the relationship with you, breaking up was really hard but I am sorry – it’s over and there’s no going back.

We are divorced, it’s permanent and we will never see each other again.

Goodbye forever.

Love Simon x

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