90 days not drinking - don't get complacent
The Sober Journey

90 Days – Don’t get complacent

It was 90 days of being sober this weekend, this is a pretty big milestone and I am amazed I have come so far, I clearly remember believing that I couldn’t even go one day without drinking red wine.

The support of the Be Sober Facebook group has been amazing and the number of members grows every day, why would I ever go back to drinking, it would mean letting everyone down!

After three months of not touching alcohol I now feel pretty confident in myself, I am sure I won’t ever touch it again and now find it pretty easy not drinking. My habits and routines have changed and alcohol doesn’t get a look in.

The cravings and dreaded PAWS (see earlier post about PAWS) are now few and far between and I know that the cravings are nothing more than thoughts in my head.

I treat the occasional craving a bit like when you think about an ex-partner who was nothing but trouble, so we broke up and now I sometimes think back about them, of course when you do this you tend to think only about the good memories. So when they pop up I accept that the thought has come into my head, I observe it and then let it pass just like a dark cloud in the sky and before long the sky is clear and the sun is out again.

Recently I have even had a few compliments about how much better I look, especially my skin and eyes, who’d have thought that would happen!

There are so many other benefits, I am so much more happy with way less anxiety and I am engaged in the moment (well most of the time). My relationship with my teenage son is so much better now I don’t snap and bicker with him because my mind is focused on wine-time.

All of this is obviously wonderful, but at this 90-day stage I am taking a step back and giving myself a word of warning – DO NOT GET COMPLACENT!!!

I think it could be very easy to enter into a mindset that everything is fine, I can control alcohol and given the right circumstances I wonder if I could take a drink.

I actually don’t think I would drink, but I need to stay focused, we all do. I don’t want to spend all my time thinking about alcohol but it is important to stay on my guard and I am very aware that just one drink will lead back to a lifetime of addiction and I really don’t want that.

Anyway, a pat on the back to myself for 90 days, i’ve got this and I if you’re reading this I hope you have too!



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