How did it feel after two weeks of not drinking alcohol
The Sober Journey

How I felt after two weeks of not drinking alcohol

So I had been sober for a fortnight, I never (ever) thought I could have done this and I also knew I would never go back to drinking.

The first few days had been quite hard, after 20 years of reaching for the wine almost every night it had been a huge life change and now it was becoming clear it was without doubt a change for the better.

After two weeks of not drinking I took a step back and documented how I felt, what was different and assessed if I wanted to continue on the sober journey (this was an easy decision).

The first thing I noticed when I compared myself with a selfie from two weeks earlier was that my eyes looked much brighter and my skin was positively glowing, it was no longer blotchy and my face wasn’t bloated. I was so pleased I shared the images on a Facebook group!

I had also found that my sleeping was massively improved, the first week had brought a few difficult nights but I had started settling into a new pattern and was getting a restful nights sleep and waking up feeling refreshed and energised.

Talking of energy I also had way more of it, I was feeling motivated and alive with new levels of energy that I hadn’t had in years.

Couple all of this with the joy of not having a constant fuzzy head, daily hangovers and shaking hands and I quickly realised I had made a change for the best.

Another huge positive was that my anxiety levels has reduced, it felt like a dark cloud that had been hanging over me for years had blown away since I stopped drinking alcohol.

I also found myself laughing more and feeling generally happier, gone were the grumpy days and feeling miserable until it reached wine o’clock.

So if this is what happens after two weeks, how will I feel after two months or two years, it can only get better and better.

The hardest part is getting past the first week, then it gets easier and easier and becomes enjoyable as you see the benefits and get rewarded for your commitment to not drinking.

So now I am fast heading towards 3 months sober and I have found a new level of peace and happiness, long may it continue.


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