Stopping drinking improves your skin
The Sober Journey

Why does stopping drinking alcohol improve your skin?

When I stopped drinking I took a selfie on day 1, then another a couple of weeks later. Straight away I noticed a huge difference in my skin, it was way less blotchy, clearer and looked generally healthy. I couldn’t believe the difference, my face was also less bloated and looked noticeably slimmer. On top of this …

The Sober Journey

My favourite alcohol free drinks – Which Alcohol Free Drinks Are Best?

When you quit drinking it is worth having a new ‘go to’ drink that you can fall back on, obviously one without alcohol. Thankfully we now have plenty of choice and a fun part of the alcohol free journey is trying them out and discovering new tastes and flavours, especially as you will probably have …

12 Benefits of Stopping Drinking Alcohol
The Sober Journey

The 12 Biggest Benefits of Stopping Drinking

I was looking back over my journal, on day 1 I listed all the reasons for stopping drinking and later in the journey I listed all the amazing benefits. So many of them were unexpected, I have listed my top 12 benefits of stopping drinking below: Way less anxiety – I have suffered from heightened …